The largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, the beauty of our underwater world is unrivaled. Come and dive Belize, and if you need lessons, let our instructor ease your entry into this incredible world !!!!

He is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, NASDS examiner, and SSI Referral Instructor Certification, Member R371 of the Universal Referral Program.
Scuba Refresher
Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD)
Rescue Certification
Scuba Diver Certification
Open Water Referral
Open Water Certification
Advanced Open Water
Divemaster Course
Specialty Diver Courses
Assistant Instructor
Instructor Development Course
First Responder

Description of Courses

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SCUBA Refresher - After a pool session to review and refresh your skills, White Sands Dive Shop includes a dive with the instructor in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and a snorkeling experience at Shark Ray Alley in its Refresher Course. $175 us

Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD) - A Discover Scuba Diving Experience in the underwater world. Experience the underwater world with minimum cost and time. Includes basic knowledge, pool session with gear and (1) open water water dive. Qualifies to dive in the Marine Reserve with certified divemaster at depths up to 40 ft. $175 us

PADI eLearning
Referrals - Complete the Open Water Diver Course for a student that has done initial segments of training at home may be referred to Elbert for completion of the course with their (4) four open water dives in our warm Caribbean waters Allow two half days. $345 us

Open Water Diver - Five classes cover scuba gear selection and preparation. Underwater life, dive planning, basic oceanography, diving physics and maladies. Includes (4) four open water dives. Allow 3-4 days. $485 us

Advanced Open Water - Designed to provide the novice with a structured, well supervised means to gain the practical experience needed after initial certification. This course is not academically oriented, but offers the experience of (5) five specialty dives and training to execute those dives safely. (3) core dives required (Night, Deep, Navigation) and choice of (2) electives (Naturalists, Drift, Boat Diver, Multilevel or Photograph). $460 us

Rescue Diver - Course is designed to develop necessary knowledge and skills to perform diver rescues, manage diving accident situations and render proper first aid.
Includes (12) rescue scenarios and multiple choice test. Prerequisite for Divemaster Course. Allow 3 days. $450 us

First Responder - Emergency First Response
Recent changes to emergency care standards inspired Emergency First Response Corp., a PADI corporate affiliate, to design and introduce the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid) courses.

Taught separately or together, these two courses make up Emergency First Response, a comprehensive CPR and First aid program following the most current layperson emergency care standards. The courses are based on state of the art instructional design principles and focus on providing a low stress environment to enhance learning. $150 usd.

Master Diver / Specialties - Master Diver is the highest recreational dive rating available denoting superior achievement and proficiency. Requires completion of (5) specialty certifications:
Nitrox, night diver, Navigation, Deep diver, Boat, Drift, Multilevel or Photography.
Cost per speciality $350 us plus dives

Divemaster Course-

Elearn fees 210.usd.- Paid directly to PADI. Completion cost 450.usd. Paid to White Sands Dive Shop

Other costs There is a separate application fee due to PADI that needs to be submitted with the Divemaster application once the course is completed- $99.usd.

Materials cost : $265.usd.

Divemaster - As entry to professional levels in diver training, the PADI Divemaster course plays a pivotal role with in the PADI system of diver education. Those who join the PADI divemaster ranks assist instructors with training student divers. They supervise diving activities for certified divers, snorkelers and skindivers. Many PADI divemasters are looking ahead, gaining professional experience they will apply as PADI Assistant Instructors and Open Water Scuba Instructors.

Materials: The PADI Divemaster Online program will provide you with perpetual access to an ebook version of the PADI Divemaster manual, a required material. However, to complete the PADI Divemaster course, you also need a current PADI Instructor Manual, both the Table RDP and eRDPML, The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, and a set of the PADI Divemaster slates. There are other required materials and equipment, some of which you already have.

What are the prerequisites for PADI Divemaster Online?
Prior to enrolling in PADI Divemaster Online, you must be at least 18 years old, have a current medical attesting to your diving fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months, and be a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue or hold qualifying certifications from another dive training organization. You must also have completed a Emergency First Response (EFR) Primary and Secondary Care course (or other sanctioned first aid and CPR course) within the past 24 months and be able to prove that you have completed at least 40 dives (60 before being able to complete the Divemaster course with experience of deep dives, night dives and underwater navigation).

Once you complete Divemaster Online, you will need to successfully complete several practical assessments, workshops and other assignments with your PADI Instructor. You will also need to complete the Divemaster Final Exam as well as meet the professionalism criteria. Other costs There is a separate application fee due to PADI that needs to be submitted with the Divemaster application once the course is successfully completed.

Assistant Instructor - $750.us, and takes four days.

Instructor Development Course - $1400.usd and takes 10 days.

*Prices subject to Belize Sales Tax

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