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Birds of Ambergris Caye
by Elbert Greer

Welcome to the Birds of Ambergris Caye. Many of these articles are from a weekly column in The San Pedro Sun. Elbert and his friend Bubba have been long-tme watchers of the birds and humans on Ambergris Caye, and their insights are often both rewarding and amusing.

This website contains information about the 260 species of birds that occur on that island and its collection of mangrove cayes. If you are interested in birding tours in the area, email Elbert.

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Early morning Bird Tour Roseate Spoonbills, Tricolored Heron, White Ibis and Reddish Egret, all these rare species and more are nesting in Colony on two small islands behind Ambergris Caye. The entire island is a natural sanctuary dedicated to that one purpose.Visit by boat with a Belizean Tour Guide.
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Ambergris Caye is a unique island with all its bird species not yet fully recorded. The column's "Bird of the Week" format contains details of bird observations along with morphological classifications.

Mr. Greer sometimes provides some humour as he accounts the observations with the help and company of his Labrador companion, "Bubba." Bubba sometimes contributes mild metaphors about life on the island and certain birds.

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photo by San Pedro Sun
A fantastic series of adventures with Bubba and the art of birdwatching.

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(BIRDWATCHING WITH BUBBA by Elbert Greer, Library of Congress Number: 2001119406, ISBN#: 1-4010-3643-0)

Elbert Greer and Bubba- the History of this amazing friendship

3,221 Year-old bird list
Quetzalcoatl and the Lost Belizean Treasure
The Black Catbird
Bubba meets Birdzilla and the Cinnamon Hummingbird
The King Vulture
The Scarlet Macaw
The Littoral Forest of Ambergris
From Outrage to Action
Faith and Science
The Grey Headed Kite
The Bubba Birdwatching Philosophy
Courtship and mating
Lineated Woodpecker
Migration Season
Barstool Bird Watching
Lamanai, for the birds
"An Idiot's Guide To Ornithology"
The Bubba Birdwatching Philosophy
In memory of "Rev" Bill Bockover
Bubba's helpful "Birdwatching Guide" techniques
The Boat-Billed Heron
The Limpkin
The Bumblebee Hummingbird
The Tiger Heron
Roseate Spoonbill
Bubba on Bird Emotions
The Yellow Crowned Night Heron
Keel-Billed Toucan
The Forked-Tail Flycatcher
The Whistling Duck

Here are a few words from Mr. Greer:

Birds of Ambergris Caye is the title of the column I've been writing for the Sun. Ambergris is a unique island behind the barrier reef and is host for 260 or so different species during the year. This is a large number for a barrier reef island!

In the country of Belize 534 species have been counted. For those of you who are new to Birdwatching I should explain that the entire world has 8,600 different species spread thinly over the varied habitats this planet has between its poles. 534 is a spectacular variety for a country the size of Belize. This number is largely due to the diversity of habitat within its borders.

I've decided to expand my writing to include all the birds of Belize and journey off the island to the mainland. Next week I plan to visit a unique conjuncture of savanna habitat and jungle habitat up the Northern River past Bomba, to its end near the village of Maskall. I've been hearing rumors about fresh water springs there that attract avafauna in the dry season.

Bubba will be staying at home to cover island events. He has never come to terms with creatures like crocodiles and jungle cats that I'm sure to encounter. I'm packing my big boots.

Mr. Greer writes from a remote end of the island with no phone, electricity or street address. He may be reached by post (which he prefers) and his address is Elbert Greer, General Delivery, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America. However, he can also be reached by e-mail at:
elbertgreer@fastmail.fm, Dive Shop Phone: (501) 226 2405.

Guided birdwatching tours by boat around the island, through its many channels and lagoons or visits to its neighboring mangrove islands can be arranged by contacting Elbert.

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